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21 September 2010 @ 08:11 pm
[TRANSLATION] Taeyang (SOL of Big Bang) in JUNON  

I'm always laughing when I'm with the other members of Big Bang

Q. What female gesture drives you crazy?

"I think it's different depending on the situation. I don't particularly think I have a favorite gesture but I do like when a girl is concentrating on something and putting her heart and soul into it."

Q. Nowadays, what makes you laugh?

"I'm always laughing when I'm with the other members of Big Bang (laughs). They really tell a lot of stories, and even when the stories themselves are sooo funny, they'll do the silliest things which makes everyone burst out laughing! And sometimes it'll be a perfectly normal conversation, yet I find myself laughing. Whether its stuff like jokes or gags, everyone does something to make us laugh, even I have my own special style. Since the key point of laughter for each member is different, you know (the joke) is a hit when there is a big roar of laughter (laughs)"

Q. You are talented in singing and dancing, is there anything you aren't good at?

"When we take pictures, I'm no good at acting cute. I don't have a sense for that kind of stuff. It's hard for me, but I'll try my best to do cute gestures (laughs).

Q. What are the main points of "Beautiful Hangover"?

"I think that it lifts your spirits (puts you in a good mood) when you listen to it because it's such a happy upbeat song. The lyrics are singing the feelings of a man worrying himself to the point of having a headache (i.e. hangover) in front of the girl he likes and even I can sympathize with such a love."

Q. What is the most beautiful thing to you?

"Love. It's love."

Q. Which Big Bang song would you want to sing to the woman you love?

"Always" (a Japanese version of this song was released in 2009 on their 1st major label debut in Japan, "BIG BANG"). I chose this song because it's singing about the feelings of "always being by your side" with a sweet melody. Of course I'd take off my sunglasses when singing to that special someone (laughs). Since you want to make your feelings known, properly gaze into the other person's eyes and sing to them that way. I don't ordinarily wear sunglasses, but I wore them because of my eye condition."

Q. Is there anything you just absolutely want to do this fall?

"Though I think it's pretty impossible, I want to go on a trip. Its seems like I'd enjoy myself no matter what if I went to Okinawa, so that's where I want to go the most. It's fall, but I think it would be good to swim at the beach. (laughs)"

translation: saishi_gackt.livejournal.com || twitter @ sneak_e_snake
credit for image used for translation: Tisya@www.bigbangupdates.com
credit for image shown here: 21BANGS.COM + undergroundfixme.tumblr via bigbang family + BIG_wow@baidu
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