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..to keep on walking on a road that continues towards a place far, far away

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Chalet シャレ
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▼名前: Chalet シャレ (女性)
▼現住所: アメリカ合衆国
▼職業 フルタイム・キラー
▼髪の色: 褐色
▼目の色: 褐色
▼身長: 180cm (~5'11")
▼足のサイズ: 27...大きい足 (笑)
▼趣味: 趣味, スケッチ, インターネット, バスケットボール, 眠っている
▼性格: 少しバカ、人見知りする、気軽

▼色: 黒, シルバー
▼食べ物: バーベキュー (薫製肉) / 嫌い: タマネギ, 生肉
▼飲み物: Dr. Pepper ソーダ
▼アルバム: Gackt - Moon/ Diabolos
▼歌: Gackt- Fragrance, 星の砂, Love Letter, Noesis...数え上げればきりがない。
その他- Sacrifice (櫻井敦司), All For You (安室 奈美恵), ひとり (ゴスペラーズ), 思い出歩き(Psycho le Cemu), Syunikiss (Malice Mizer)....
▼音楽: GACKT、嵐、安室 奈美恵、マリス・ミゼル、L'arc en Ciel、ジョニーズ、サイコ・ル・シェイム、ナイトメア、1TYM, SE7EN, Bi (Rain), Backstreet Boys, Matchbox 20....
▼テレビ番組: Gの嵐, Heyx3, 天才!志村どうぶつ園
▼ゲーム: レインボーシックス3, Forza Motorsport, FFX, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Grand Theft Auto
▼映画: ウィロー, インタビュー・ウィズ・ヴァンパイア, ジャッキー・チェンの映画, 殺し屋, BATTLE ROYALE, 青の炎, ウォーターボイズ.....
▼有名人: Gackt
▼諺の意味: 明日死ぬつもりで生きよ。永遠に生きるつもりで学べ。(Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.) ~Gandhi ガンディー

メールアドレス: chaletmccarty@yahoo.com or gacktsamachachamaru@gmail.com
XBOX ゲイマータッグ: Sneak e Snake
MSN メッセンジャー: chaletmccarty@yahoo.com
Skype: chaletm

About this LJ:
(1) Any personal entries will be friends locked. I rarely post anything personal, so you're not missing much...
(2) Since I'm not a native Japanese speaker or professional translator, and although I try to be accurate (ie.. I do research on the subject and check with native speakers), sometimes there will be mistakes...I'll try to find and correct them as quickly as possible.
(3) Please link to any translations instead of pasting them into other LJs, forums, or sites. I want the ability to quickly edit any errors or "weird translation", which I can't do as easily if they are copy-pasted a bunch of places.
(4) Everything else besides translations (ie..pictures, files, graphics, etc) are to be freely shared with others however you want. I'll only post non-tagged pictures, cuz to be honest, tags are obnoxious...and so are the people who put them on pictures!
(5) All things I say I'm gonna do, I don't always do....deal with it! I like attempting to translate things in my spare time to further my knowledge of the language, not really so much for the sake of sharing and others to read.
(6) I'm not into online drama, and will delete or kindly ignore any directed at me and/or others.
(7) Let's be friends... I'm not extremely talkative but I'll do my best!

My japanese blog: シャレ@MIXI
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